ACBL Bridge Beat #70: L.A. Office Closes

Reprinted from The Bulletin October 1968:

The Los Angeles office of the ACBL, at 11010 Santa Monica Blvd., will be consolidated with the League’s principle headquarters at Greenwich CT as of the close of business Friday, Oct. 11, 1968. The building there, built in 1956, will be sold. Alan Oakes is transferring to Greenwich.

The present plan is for Tom Stoddard, Phyllis Bay and one other League employee to remain on duty in Los Angeles to handle the details of the upcoming Fall Nationals, as well as to facilitate the transfer of West Coast activities to Greenwich. After the Nationals, Miss Bay is scheduled to report to Greenwich, to continue to smooth the centralization of League activity and to handle other important assignments. Stoddard will remain in Los Angeles to further smooth the transition on that end. Meanwhile, their working quarters will depend on when the Los Angeles office is sold.

All orders and correspondence are to be addressed to the ACBL at 125 Greenwich Ave, Greenwich CT 06830. Extraordinary plans have been laid to facilitate shipment of West-of-the-Rockies orders and tournament supplies and to keep costs of these services in line. The full program will be announced next month.

The need to maintain double facilities has entailed many expenses, which can be drastically reduced by consolidation of the two League offices, without affecting the service to members. Funds realized from the sale of the ACBL premises in L.A. will be used to reduce League indebtedness to Units and to the mortgage holders on the half million dollar ACBL building in Greenwich.

Executive Secretary Easley Blackwood has pledged that, “other than temporary inconveniences, there will be no appreciable difference in service to West Coast members (outside of a few in New York City) suffered when we moved the metropolis to Greenwich. The dire prediction of service breakdown at that time proved to be totally unfounded; we believe that savings from the present move will enable us to render better service and additional services to all members.”

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